• There aren't a lot of tri-specific outlets for young kids (say, under the age of 12).

  • Kids races are your best bet:

  • Some adult races have kids races attached to them, but there is no list of those.​

  • You can check out trifind.com but the kids races there tend to be road races (i.e. running only) rather than triathlons.

  • Here is USAT's Northeast page with a list of races, only two of which are in MA (Lincoln above and a Boston one).

  • If your child is a competent swimmer, you might think about an early season adult triathlon with a pool swim, especially if you (or another trusted adult) can do it as well. Often the open water swim is a deterrent but these early season races tend to be in pools rather than open water.

  • As your child gets older and more competent with triathlon, consider a high performance team like TAF. The youth level starts at age 13. Explore the 'About the Team' menu above.

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