Elite draft-legal triathlon on any team requires a commitment of both time and finances. Below are the commitments required of TAF athletes.

Time Commitment

  • The TAF season runs from March to early August.

  • In season, athletes are expected to attend online practices on Monday and Thursday evenings.

  • In season, athletes are expected to attend in person practices once per weekend.

    • Athletes who live far away can substitute in person practices fo​r online practices but should make as many in person practices as possible.

  • Athletes on the Elite Team are expected to attend as many of the Elite Cup Races as is feasible; these races are how athletes qualify for Nationals and are the culmination of the practices.​

  • Athletes on the Regional Team are encouraged to attend at least one of the Elite Cup Races to race a non-draft legal race and/or experience the draft-legal race (not all Elite Cup Races have a non-draft legal race, so make sure to check).

Financial Commitment

  • team fee

  • race and travel fees:

    • race registration

    • transportation

    • hotel

    • meals

    • bike transport

    • race coaching fee

  • mandatory equipment:

    • wetsuit

    • goggles

    • brightly-colored swim cap (no white, black, dark blue, dark green)

    • road bike (must be a road bike; no tri bikes, hybrids, etc.; contact below with any questions)

    • bike trainer

    • bike helmet

    • sunglasses

    • running shoes

    • team uniform (trisuit)

    • team polo shirt

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